Week 5: HaHa! Prehistoric Seabed, Rotating Sunhouse, Mirrored Pages and Reveals Castle / Writers Tips

In week 5 of my residency here at the National Trust’s Scotney Castle in Kent, I took a walk out with the Head Gardener and learned a huge amount about the gardens. They stretch out from the new manor house to surround the old ruined castle and moat, creating a picturesque landscape. I found some very unusual features and details that will really improve the story-world I am creating for the graphic fiction scripts.

In terms of the writing itself, I am now on script 4 of 5 and am beginning to experiement with more sophisticated narrative structures. It is important to recognise the strengths of the medium for which you are writing, and so with this in mind I am making sure I give extra attention to devices of graphic fiction such as mirrored pages and left-hand page reveals.

Enjoy the video!


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