Exhibition / Illustration

These are the alternative covers for the upcoming Castle In England Project. They have been created by Mr Four Fingers, a creative duo from South Africa, and will be part of the two exhibitions associated with the art project. The alternative covers will be on display at the exhibitions at Scotney Castle in April 2017 and also at the Clerkenwell Gallery, London, in July 2017

Five stories are being written by Jamie Rhodes who is collaborating with five graphic artists to create a graphic novel inspired by the events at Scotney Castle.

You can find more information on the artists here and more info on the project here.











Diary / Illustration / Video

This week, comic artist Isabel Greenberg came out to Scotney Castle. Isabel is illustrating story 5, The Hunter. This story is set in the Edwardian era and there are several photos and documents from this time in the castle archives, many of the scenes take place in the Scotney new manor house and so Isabel was able to walk in the footsteps of the characters in the script.

Below is a brief video interview with Isabel shot on the day.

Diary / Illustration / Video

This week project mentor Karrie Fransman came out to Scotney Castle. She gave some excellent development notes on the comic scripts, and I am now working on final drafts.

It is important for writers to work collaboratively with artists, and allow them freedom with their creativity so as not to establish a heirarchy as this is unhelpful to the creative process.

I thought I would give you this brief video interview with Karrie and I talking about the world of creative writing and comic writing.

Castle / Illustration / Scotney Castle

Here are some initial sketches from Mr Four Fingers, one of the artists collaborating with me on this project. See more about their involvement here.

These are rough concepts from our first meeting and were even featured on the BBC!


Rough sketch of new manor house


This was a trophy skull from one of the many hunting expeditions


One of the Mr Four Fingers crew in front of old castle