Isaac Lenkiewicz

Isaac Lenkiewicz will be illustrating The Labourer

WIP of the Labourer


At Scotney, one of the labourers building the castle witnesses the abuse of his fellow workers and decides to take action.

John Hales, a former peasant soldier in a polearm unit during the wars with France, has the military background to lead his fellow peasants in local rebellion and together they join the march on London

The story is set in the Medieval Era

After suffering greatly at the hands of their lords, the local peasants living in serfdom rise up, with pockets of rebellion springing up all over the South East of England.

Poorly equipped and mostly untrained, the rebels joined forces to create a huge peasant army and marched on London to demand fair treatment and equality for all.


About Isaac


Isaac Lenkiewicz lives in the South-West of England where he draws comics. He is co-founder of the self-publishing project Lalala Pompom.

Isaac has been featured in publications by Nobrow, Flying Eye Books and Hic + Hoc as well as Italian comics anthology Delebile.


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