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Isabel Greenberg will be illustrating The Hunter

WIP The Beginnings – Illustrations of The Hunter

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When the hop-picker families descend on the Scotney Castle estate for another season, Arthur Hussey, bored and irritable, seeks to get away from the hordes of happy families by going hunting.

In a luxurious North African raid he is severely bitten by pregnant female mosquitos that need his blood to nourish their eggs. Feeling a little queasy from the bites and the heat, Arthur continues his hunt, but things aren’t quite what they were…

The story is set in the Edwardian Era

A thrilling journey of life and death.

In the Edwardian era there was a huge difference in the lives of the rich and poor, with social classes very rigidly defined. However, within the bounds of these classes, there was generally widespread relative prosperity. Britain was at it’s most powerful in economic terms, with London being the financial centre of the world.

There was a great trend for travel amongst the upper classes, and big game hunting was the sport of choice for many aristocrats both male and female. The British Empire still covered vast swathes of the world, and so an English aristocrat touring the Empire carried an attitude of superiority.

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About Isabel

Isabel Greenberg is a London based illustrator and writer. Her first graphic novel ‘The Encyclopedia of Early Earth’ was published in 2013 by Jonathan Cape in the UK, Random House in Canada and Little Brown in the US. It has since been translated into French, Spanish, Korean and Chinese.

It was nominated for two Eisner awards, won the Best Book category at the British comic awards, was one of NPR’s 100 books of the year, was the Guardian’s graphic novel pick of the month and was in the New York Times Graphic Books best seller list.

Her second graphic novel ‘The One Hundred Nights of Hero’ will be out in September 2016.

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