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Diary / Video

Update from week 3 at the castle!

I went out with the Head Ranger and got some fantastic material, not just for this project but inspiration for future work too.

There is no substitute for learning directly from an expert when researching a story. By spending time with different members of the National Trust staff here at Scotney Castle, I have been able to discover some very specific details that I would not be able to find in books or online.

Being able to bring such intricate detail to a story will help to create a much richer story-world, and more well-rounded, believable characters.


Video / Writers Tips

Video diary talking about the books I have been reading early on in the project and why they are relevant.

Some are to give an idea of the spectrum of what is possible through graphic fiction, useful for writers wishing to make a transition into graphic fiction and comics from other writing crafts.

Others are useful for writers wanting to learn more about the mindset of characters during the Gothic Revival architectural period.