Writing Graphic Fiction Scripts video 1

First bit of advice from my mentor, Karrie Fransman: The project takes place at Scotney Castle in Kent, with Jamie Rhodes writing 5 graphic fiction scripts inspired by the castle archives. The scripts will be illustrated by experienced graphic fiction artists and published by Nobrow Press in early 2017.

Advice for building a stronger story

Tip for writers. This applies to all stories, whatever craft you are working in. Isolating what a story is truly about, in a succinct way, is a key part of any story development process.

Writing Graphic Fiction Scripts video 2

More advice given to me by my mentor, Karrie Fransman. There are lots of resources (including free script writing software) on comic book writer Antony Johnston’s website:

Historical Fiction writing process update – Character

Update on the next phase of my process of writing historical fiction inspired by a factual archive.

Books part 1: Batman, Gemma Bovery, Antony Salvin, William Gilpin

A look at some of the books I have been reading since the start of the project, and the reasons why they are useful for someone making the transition into writing for graphic fiction.

Writing Graphic Fiction Scripts! Tip 3

A short video explaining what I have learned so far about utilising the possibilities of graphic fiction to greatest effect. Much of this is my interpretation of the first chapters of Alan Moore’s book “Writing for Comics” – a key text in understanding how to write scripts for graphic fiction, sequential art, and comics.